Expert interview on the marine incinerator industry

and the latest updates from Posidonia

Ship owners and operators need equipment that solves their challenges on-board rather than adding to them.

Head of Incinerators at TeamTec, Mr. Ole Bulien, shares his insights in the world of on-board waste incineration:

  • A little bit about TeamTec and our history

  • Our existing range of incinerators compared to the new Logi model

  • Awareness of designer influence on waste management and possible pitfalls

  • Mr. Bulien's thoughts on change in the marine incinerator business up till now and into the future

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TeamTec at Posidonia: showcasing innovation

Our stand personnel at TeamTec are experiencing high activity at Posidonia, the international shipping exhibition in Athens:

We’re excited to present our brand new incinerator model, Logi, which represents the pinnacle of waste management technology. Designed with efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind, Logi is set to revolutionize the way the maritime industry thinks about waste disposal. - sais Mr. Olav Voie, CEO, present at Posidonia.

According to Mr. Olav Valsvik, Area Sales Manager, several people are stopping by to discover how TeamTec is leading the way in sustainable maritime solutions. He states that "Posidonia 2024 is more busy than ever before"!

Still time to visit our booth No. 3.105, hall 3 to catch up!


Expert interview on the marine incinerator industry

Insights on the industry, and the latest updates from Posidonia.

New incinerator model at Posidonia!

Meet up at our booth to check out the TeamTec Logi Incinerator

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