Global Partnerships

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TeamTec offices, CSSC cooperation partner and agent network. For biocide suppliers, please see own map here.

TeamTec global offices

The TeamTec head office is located in Tvedestrand, Norway but we also have local offices and TeamTec employees in China, Korea and Singapore.

Agent network

TeamTec has for several years built up a vast, global agent network to secure good, long-term relationships between TeamTec and our customers. Some of our agents go way back in time, and some new agreements have been established later years, and we are dependant on the good work and service they are providing on a daily basis.

Chinese cooperation partner

TeamTec has since 1984 cooperated with Nanjing Luzhou Machine Company Ltd. (NLMC) in Luzhou, China. NLMC is a part of the CSSC group and has the right to produce and promote TeamTec Incinerators and Senza BWMS in China under the brand name Luzhou/TeamTec. NLMC also manufacture TeamTec incinerators on behalf of TeamTec.

For all production in China TeamTec supply all the vital components to the incinerators and Senza BWMS, such as process system, burners, control panels and software.

TeamTec supply all spare parts for incinerators manufactured by NLMC., and we have a production controller on site for quality securement.


Press release: IMS group aquires Jowa AB

The Norwegian IMS group AS has purchased all shares of the Swedish Gothenburg-based JOWA AB.

Certificates for TeamTec BWMS

New class Type Approvals for Senza BWMS

Updated IMO & USCG approvals

Senza BWMS meets another milestone!