Transparency Act

TeamTec’s work on human rights and decent working conditions

The Transparency Act, which came into effect on July 1, 2022, obligates TeamTec to conduct due diligence assessments in line with international requirements, respond to inquiries from the public, and account for our due diligence work.

Our responsibility

TeamTec is a company that manages and develops its own technology and sold globally. The company has approximately 100 employees and holds a strong position in the global maritime market with its products. Our customers include shipyards, shipowners, and management companies worldwide, and our export share exceeds 90%.

TeamTec shall promote respect for human rights and workers’ rights. Therefore, the company chooses to collaborate with responsible suppliers and partners. The company has established ethical guidelines that describe our commitment to align with the UN Global Compact. The ethical principles include human rights, workers’ rights, business ethics, gender equality, anti-discrimination, forced labor, child labor, and the environment.

TeamTec systematically incorporates the human rights aspect into our operations and with our partners. This is done, among other things, by providing our employees with decent wages and regulated working hours. We have zero tolerance for child labor in our own operations and in the supply chain. We work to uncover whether TeamTec contributes to possible violations of human rights and decent working conditions, and we exercise a high degree of caution when we have operations or partners in areas where human rights and workers’ rights are weaker. We expect our suppliers to adhere to our ethical principles.

TeamTec AS is part of the IMS Group. We are organized in a way that involves sharing various services with the group. Our due diligence assessments are closely linked to the work of the IMS Group. We have well-established routines for analyzing and reducing risks associated with the technology we develop and deliver.

TeamTec operates according to the ethical standards outlined in our ethical guidelines. In our ongoing quality work, we have regular reviews of our own procedures to assess compliance with the given guidelines and whether adjustments, competence development, or entirely new routines are needed. We have established routines for handling incidents and for safeguarding and assisting employees. TeamTec also has internal reporting procedures for bullying, harassment, and abuse. The work of due diligence assessments is an ongoing process with the aim of real improvement for people in our own organization and the supply chain.


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