Ballast Water Management System

Senza BWMS uses direct biocide injection to treat ballast water. To the owner’s as well as yard’s benefit the system does not require the use of filter. Type approvals from DNV, ABS, BV, RINA and CCS Classification Societies. Simply better!


A filter-free solution is optimal to avoid clogging and costly delays in cargo operation.

Power Consumption

TeamTec Senza BWMS has the lowest power consumption in the market.

Easy Installation

Senza BWMS has a small configurable footprint, and a simple and robust design which requires minimal change to existing ballast piping. This facilitates an easy installation, and makes it possible to install while sailing.

Standard Biocide

Senza BWMS uses direct biocide injection to treat ballast water. Neutralizer is injected when discharging ballast water. Standard, non-proprietary chemicals are used during ballast (Sodium Hypochlorite) and de-ballast (Sodium Sulfite) operations.

Available world wide!

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Senza can be delivered in two different sizes, small and large.

  • "Holding time" for sea water and brackish water: 4 hrs.

  • "Holding time" for fresh water: 8 hrs.

Senza TG1

* Estimated values

Version S

Version L

Capacity (m3 / h)

225 - 1500

1500 - 3750

Power (kW)



Biocide (l / h)

28 -187

187 - 469

Neutralizer (kg / h)*

6 - 43

43 - 107


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Worldwide availability

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Contact details

The biocide suppliers marked on the map are a selection of suppliers we have contacted. The biocide is open source and there are a wide range of suppliers in most countries in addition to the suppliers on the list of companies that we have contacted.

Please contact our sales personnel for advise, or make direct contact with the biocide supplier in the area that is best for you!

TeamTec BWMS Spare Parts

Senza & Oceansaver

TeamTec keep things simple and efficient:

  • Quick response to your inquiries and orders

  • Comprehensive stock of spare parts

  • Advanced warehouse lifts ensure correct handling and accurate picking

  • Simple maintenance with tailored spare part kits

  • Upgrade and improvement kits

  • Efficient Delivery

    1. DHL Express: Rapid and reliable

    2. Air Freight: Swift air delivery

    3. Road Transport: Easy, land-based logistics

    4. Sea Freight: Cost-effective for larger shipments

Spare Part Kits

Additional solutions to your standard spare parts order

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TeamTec BWMS Service

TeamTec holds a professional staff of service engineers ready to assist our customers worldwide.

Lifecycle Service

Follow our guidelines for safe operations


TeamTec service engineers ensure that the new equipment is correctly installed; they also test all functions, alarms and safety devices to ensure reliable and safe operation.

Repair service

By using one of our highly skilled service engineers, you ensure that the downtime of your equipment is reduced to a minimum.

Pre-installation service

The purpose of such a ship visit is to plan the installation or replacement of a ballast water management system, including space considerations.

Service agreement

Ensure that your BWMS remains in good working condition and properly maintained by annual service visits from our crew. A service agreement will include required training and updating of the crew who operates the BWMS onboard.

Having the BWMS in good working condition will simplify acceptance by local port authorities and help avoid claims.


TeamTec’s highly qualified and experienced engineers provide comprehensive training worldwide. The focus of the training is to give the operator and supervisory staff the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to operate and maintain your BWMS in the right way.

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Chemicals used for Senza BWMS are standard type and available world wide!
Ballasting:            Biocide (Sodium hypochlorite) – CAS# 7681-52-9
De-Ballasting:     Netralizer (Sodium sulfite anhydrous) – CAS# 7757-83-7

No. You can buy them from any supplier around the world, as long as they guarantee that they can deliver according to the product datasheet.
This makes it very easy for all customers to negotiate their own best price with the supplier.

"Holding time" for brackish and sea water: 4 hrs.
"Holding time" for fresh water: 8 hrs.

No, Senza injects biocide (Sodium Hypochlorite) at 16 ppm. This concentration treats all kind of water and is in compliance with all demands.
As Senza is a filter-free system, there is no reduction in flow rate related to type of water.

Maximum 0,15 b because of the mixing unit.

Yes, Senza components can be installed at any available space!

The injection pump skid should be installed at the same level as the biocide tank or below, to secure a smooth feeding process.


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