Where it all started

18th Century

TeamTec is continuing a maritime tradition with deep roots at Tangen in Tvedestrand, which is an old industrial site where sailboats were built all the way back to the 18th century, well into the 19th century.


Tvedestrand Jernstøperi started at Tangen in 1961 with support from Gotaas Larsen, who eventually changed the name to Golar Metall, who became a leading supplier of ejectors and incinerators to the ship industry.


TeamTec AS was established 17 May, 1984 by Trygve Eriksen, Einar Eike, Jens Martin Marcussen, Ole Jørgen Olsen and Erling Holm (Top Management in Golar Metall). TeamTec later acquires both the foundry and the machine factory from Golar Metall.

TeamTec has also since the very beginning cooperated with Nanjing Luzhou Machine Company Ltd. (NLMC) in Luzhou, China.


TeamTec aqcuired the administration office at Tangen, and this is now our Head Office. Although the ejectors has been produced at Tangen since its very beginning, the ownership of the incinerators were placed both at Saxlund and Kværner before TeamTec established its own incinerator production in 1998.


TeamTec was sold to IMS group, and since then we have got several sister companies around the world; IMS Technologies, IMS Maskinering, Baggerød, Navint, Pocadel, Schoenrock and Jowa.

The IMS goup companies are often to be seen as co-exhibitors at exhibitions around the world.


TeamTec signed a cooperation agreement with the German company, Evonik for the completion of Avitalis BWMS. The agreement with Evonik was terminated 2017 becuase of the lack of stability with the chemical used for ballast water treatment in AVITALIS. We gained invaluable experience with the cooperation with Evonik and AVITALIS BWMS. Since then we have continued to develope new technology to be able to stay in the fore-front of the BWMS market as well.


In 2017 TeamTec bought parts of the estate from Oceansaver AS, whereas TeamTec Oceansaver BWMS became a part of our portfolio.

In 2018 TeamTec made a new cooperation agreement with the Japanese company, Kurita for Kurita BWMS. In 2020, TeamTec aqcuired the BWMS system Kurita, which was later on renamed as the now well known, TeamTec Senza BWMS.


TeamTec will launch a new incinerator product series this year. Stay tuned!


Press release: IMS group aquires Jowa AB

The Norwegian IMS group AS has purchased all shares of the Swedish Gothenburg-based JOWA AB.

Certificates for TeamTec BWMS

New class Type Approvals for Senza BWMS

Updated IMO & USCG approvals

Senza BWMS meets another milestone!