World Leading Product Portfolio

In the beginning of 2014, TeamTec started a bold innovation project aiming to create a land-based, modular containerized Waste-to-Energy (WtE) solution. The project received funding from the Research Council of Norway and attracted some of the world’s leading corporations as strategic partners for the supply of important technological components.  TeamTec launched the land-based WtE plant, eUnit in 2016. TeamTec is further developing eUnit WtE to meed the stringent EU emission standard for such small scaled units. A full-scaled version is available as a show case at a reference site in Norway.

Since 1984, TeamTec AS has established itself as a world leading manufacturer of waste incinerators and stripping ejectors. TeamTec products, manufactured by Golar Metal from the early sixties until 1987, are well-known in the marine and offshore industry, and are also used for onshore applications.

In September, 2017 TeamTec aquired TeamTec Oceansaver® Ballast Water Management System (TTO BWMS) which is approved by IMO, and has successfully completed the stringent test regime by the US Coast Guard and obtained a USCG type approval in December 2016.

TeamTec also provides different machining and casting services upon request.

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